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SEI's Strategic Portfolios Funds can assist advisers in their efforts to build long-term business growth and create a more consistent, scalable and profitable client process. Specifically, in one fund they deliver a full asset management solution that encompasses asset allocation, manager selection, manager allocation and risk management, thus allowing advisers to focus on their clients and the achievement of their investment goals. Click here for more information on our investment process.

We recognise that investor goals are distinct and have different time horizons. The suite of seven funds fall into two groups: Stability-Focused and Growth-Focused.

The Stability-Focused Strategic Portfolios (Defensive, Conservative and Moderate Funds)
These funds may be appropriate for investors who have a shorter time horizon or more conservative needs and seek to better manage downside risk (i.e. the risk of loss). Rather than optimise portfolios on risk and return relative to the global markets, we seek a metric of risk that is more absolute in nature. In other words, the funds are constructed with varying potential drawdown targets in mind.

The Growth-Focused Strategic Portfolios (Core, Balanced, Growth and Aggressive Funds)
These funds may be appropriate for investors who want to accumulate assets over the longer term while tolerating a greater degree of risk than the stability-focused funds. These funds entail a portfolio construction process that places greater emphasis on relative risk, as investors should have longer time horizons within which to benefit from the potential return premiums that may be available in global equity and fixed income markets.


Range of Strategic Portfolios








Inside our Strategic Portfolios

Our Strategic Portfolios are constructed using SEI’s asset class funds (Building Blocks) as well as third party funds and manager pools. Each Building Block is managed by expert managers that are selected and continuously monitored by SEI’s investment committee.

The combination of Building Blocks in our Strategic Portfolios results in a highly diversified, institutional quality investment solution comprising multiple funds and thousands of underlying investment holdings. The Building Blocks are made available to your clients via our Strategic Portfolios. Click here to learn more about the Building Blocks.

The SEI Core Fund

Diversification at Every Level
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Sterling Wealth A Share Class (Clean)




SEI Defensive Fund



SEI Conservative Fund



SEI Moderate Fund



SEI Core Fund



SEI Balanced Fund



SEI Growth Fund



SEI Aggressive Fund




1Included in the OCF. The Ongoing Charge Figure shown above is based on expenses for the year ending 31st March 2020. The figure may vary from year to year and excludes portfolio transaction costs.